Mark Hamill talks about what he felt after he found the lightsaber de Return of The Jedi

Published on Jan 21, 2017

The actor describes the sensations felt in the grip of his lightsaber after more than 30 years

Just a few days ago we talked about the exciting “reunion” that he had seen Mark Hamill, during an episode of the show, of which he is conductor Mark Hamill's Pop Cultures Quest, to find (thanks to a collector) the lightsaber of the original used in the filming of return of the Jedi.

In a recent interview, the actor interpreter of Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga is back to talk about the topic, telling the emotions in hold back the lightsaber:

I had no idea what would have happened. People sometimes take for granted that us as actors we keep all the objects in the scene, which obviously we do not do. I didn't know I was going to find the one that is used on the set. This is the fun thing about a show like this; it's unpredictable and you can never be sure of what is going to happen. There was an emotional resonance for me, even though I'm not overly sentimental, but it has really sparked memories.

When I think of those movies, I think more to the cast and crew. The costume designer, the master or the lady of the tea. The material of the scene was done in England; of course, we shot in several different countries, but I see these photographs and these memories of people that the majority of people don't know. They were the family with whom you lived during the production of these films. With some of them I worked again, and others I have lost sight of since we made the original films, but they do represent memories.

Then get your hands on one thing like this (the lightsaber ndt) and think: “Oh God, I remember when John Mollo (costume designer who has designed all the costumes of Star Wars) was here”.

As I have already said, all of this is bring back really great memories.

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