Mario Balotelli gives away a car to the brother of Amedeo, Maria underlines his generosity (VIDEO)


Published on Feb 17, 2019


From when There is mail for you, the gifts have become the protagonists of the various stories that are told, the audience at home, with a morbid curiosity, it asks each time what they have given us, the VIPS. How many pennies there were in that purse, how much was the credit card: all questions on the social, but never find the answer. With the installment of you've got mail aired on February 16, 2019, things have changed. Mario Balotelli in fact, his first time There is mail for you, it was β€œforced” to buy a car! A story that has divided the public at home: on the one hand, many appreciated the generosity that he has shown towards Gabriel, the protagonist of this story, the brother of Amedeo ( of the comedy duo Pio and Amedeo). From the other hand, many have found it a little forced-the whole story. But for the rest, you know, you cannot please everyone.

However, what many home have noted, was the attitude of Mary. The de Filippi, in fact, she offered immediately to pay, with the production of its program, half of the machine to the boy. And with sentences, not mentioned in the case, has pointed out that Mario has been one of the few guests to play this game until the end. The presenter then made it clear that, probably, often, as was easily deduced, is the production to organize and probably also to pay, some of the gifts that the protagonists of the stories they receive. It is not always clear. Or that though the stars vip of the stories, they are informed of what is going to happen and then have the time and a way of metabolizing the possibility to choose also what kind of gifts to bring. In the case of Balotelli, however, things went in a different way because he was called, was behind the envelope was a co-protagonist of a story, as it happened, for example, to Alessandra Amoroso.

It remains the joy of the brother of Amedeo, which has embraced and met for the first time, his great idol but also received a gift. It is clear to all that Amedeo would have been able to give the car to her brother without the slightest effort. At home we all knew also what was not being told and we all knew how this story was focused on Gabriel, even if in the end he didn't perhaps realise! For an evening, the laughter took the place of tears. You can tell a story even with this log, and Pio and Amedeo have done that.

Here's the video

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