Marina The Pink against all that's True: his social hopes that isn't cut out anything


Published on Apr 05, 2019


Since yesterday evening there is much talk on the social and on the sites that deal with tv, of Marina La Rosa. The reason for this? The second place of the Island of the famous 2019 posted on social a very strong message, letting it be understood that he had not liked what had happened in the recording of True. Marina La Rosa will be the protagonist, as we'll see tomorrow, a sort of “one against all” and I will say its on the ex-competitors. The Marina yesterday, he had announced that after the bet would investigate his statements, hoping not to make any cuts to what he said. Waiting to find out the “post-bet” with any statements of Marina, we can tell you about what we know through the advances of True.

Here are the words of Marina La Rosa in the study of True:

“There are people who I have the pleasure to meet. Soleil and Riccardo fogli represented to me a negative energy. With Soleil, there is nothing personal, but I don't like as a person. It is not a question of envy, because it is beautiful and strong. There can be envy with a twenty years, I, at my age, I have participated in with a different attitude, more mature”.

Here's what he thinks instead of Riccardo fogli: “it Will have its audience, its fans, but to me Riccardo don't like it. I'm sorry that now is not good, but with me he behaved in the wrong way. A 71-year-old should be a bit more mature than what is shown. Both he and Soleil have used objectionable words”.

Fortunately, however, the Marina on the Island he found a person with whom to get along. We speak clearly of Luca Vismara: “Even if there is a great difference of age-with him there was a lot of harmony. Even now, still couldn't sleep at night because of the adrenaline, we will write messages during the night, as when we were on the island to talk around the fire.”

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