Mariano Di Vaio, make the child a party in the savannah


Published on Dec 18, 2018


The birthday of Nathan Leone was celebrated in a special way

For the two-year son, Nathan, Leo, Mariano Di Vaio gave the best of himself. The birthday party of the child, in fact, was set in savannah. Taking a cue from one of the cartoon characters most loved by children, Madagascar, the video of the party have already become viral.

The small, Nathan Leone, the eldest son of Di Vaio and Eleonora Brunacci, already a star on social. Both him and his younger brother, Leonardo, Liam (born in June), the parents have open profiles Instagram that are already thousands of followers. “Create a page on Instagram dedicated is a way to tell the story of our greatest joy, not a choice dictated by the business” has kept to emphasize the influencer.

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For the occasion he has chosen to make to the son a special gift: a line of suits for children, signed by Nohow, the brand of e-commerce with which the influencer has decided, a few years ago, to jump into the world of entrepreneurship. And the testimonial is just Nathan Leone.

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The intention of the father, who has already published on its social the photo of the boy with the suit, is to make the child a baby style icon, following in his footsteps. And maybe it's working: the line is already sold out, a week after its release.

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