Maria Elena Woods: “I'm a mummy?” and responds in a bikini


Published on Aug 19, 2019


The policy does not stop even in August: piccata response of Forests to Salvini

“#CapitanFracassa say that I'm a mummy: greetings to all from my sarcophagus”. He writes on Twitter, Maria Elena Woods, answering directly to the Vice Chairman of the Board and is posting on his account Instagram a photo of her at sea with some of her friends in a bikini.

The policy in the summer, do you stop and before an autumn that promises to be very hot, the leaders of the opposing sides throw barbs directly from the shoreline. Far from the days where you could see De Gasperi, or the Aldo Moro by the sea in a jacket and tie, the current members of parliament do not care much about being seen in the attitudes of compounds.

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Salvini in costume who sing, accompanied by a lovely vocalist, the National anthem or the Woods in a bikini exactly, they are now images that have been around the web and perhaps there is also the attempt by some parliamentarians to get closer, even in this way, the so-called common people.



With friends for a bit of relaxation in a beautiful Italian beach #Tuscany #summer #beach

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To detect that a ‘mummy’ Maria Elena Woods is not, in fact confirms one of the politicians most attractive swimming costume in two pieces, we can admire a perfect body and trained: Salvini is notified with you, there will be a fight.

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