Maria Elena Boschi in bikini always beautiful but it is not in perfect shape


Published on Aug 22, 2017


And’ the weekly magazine Chi, Alfonso Signorini show the photos of Maria Elena Boschi in bikini, the under-Secretary of State at the Presidency of the Council in holiday in Merano. The Woods is in the pool in a resort that is eco-chic with his family. With her brothers, Pier Francesco, and Emmanuel, his wife, and his daughter Bianca Maria. After the 15 August in the high altitude with Reinhold Messner, the beautiful Maria Elena Woods relaxes and pampers his granddaughter's favourite. Of course, the ladies are more attentive will notice that the Woods is not in perfect shape like a long time, despite his efforts in the gym. Finally a beautiful woman who does not effort to look at all costs a model. Certainly not like the photo appeared on the Who, but the paparazzi are everywhere, also in Merano. Between relaxation and pampering his granddaughter in the Woods show is also very active on social.

In the last few weeks, in fact, is ever more present on his profile on Instagram.

In addition, it is widely followed and frequently updates her followers with pictures of both institutional and private.

Recently he has published a few shots from her vacation in Greece, then the photos in the Trentino mountains and there are not even the shots in the gym while you work with weights and weight machines.

Here are the photos published in the weekly magazine Chi, and the other

Barbara Berlusconi with her bump at the beach is already waiting for the fourth child. here are the photos from those Who

In a short time Maria Elena Woods can be said to be satisfied to have reached over 15 thousand followers.

After the photos and will be maybe even more appreciated, you know how we women are, that thread of cellulite and the legs, not skinny shared by many, making us similar and less distant.




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