Maria De Filippi, the shot was very young without makeup around the web – PHOTOS

Published on Sep 14, 2018

Maria De Filippi is the icon of many young people. Never did the beauty of his strength, but over the years, surely the queen of the channel five has changed a lot

The much-loved Maria De Filippi has not always had the same appearance. Like everyone, she has grown and changed. Has never made an excessive use, however, of the surgery instead of his co-workers.

There is a shot of Maria De Filippi, which is doing the rounds of the web in the last hour. It is a picture rather rare for the host of Men and Women. You see, in fact, part of the face of Mary when he was very young. Is not specified the age that he had for Mary when he took the photo, but it seems that it dates back to when the presenter was very young.

There has never been a conventional beauty, De Filippi, but surely, its charm is timeless. Still, Mary is an attractive woman, well-cared for. His physique is the result of a balanced diet and a lot of sports.

Mary appears without makeup, with your hair a little bit darker than it is now. The eyes are a bit tired and the skin does not have the brightness that distinguishes it from always. Surely it is one of the photos the most rare of the host.

Here Queen Mary had not yet made his triumphal entry into the world of the show and had not even known of what would later become her husband, Maurizio Costanzo. In short, one more shot one of a kind. Unrecognizable? The strokes are always the same, Mary has not exaggerated with the ritocchini as instead chose to make some of his co-stars more famous.

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