Maria De Filippi, the gossip on the son, Gabriel: “All day closed in the bathroom with a friend...

Published on Sep 16, 2018

Very singular is the story that Maria De Filippi has to say about the son of Gabriele Costanzo adopted in 2004. Here's what she told him

A story of Maria De Filippi, which left fans speechless. His son Gabriel has given you a headache, here's an interesting one.

Maria De Filippi is a woman is very reserved, and it is precisely for this that it is one of the most beloved faces in the world of television. Gabriel Costanzo has always been very far from the world of the show, now in fact working behind the cameras and helping parents behind the camera.

The conductor 56 is not used to let slip some personal affairs. During the interviews prefer not to blurt out their private life, but this time he wanted to make an exception to the rule.

The undisputed queen of Channel 5, said in a recent interview that his son is particularly sensitive to the appeal of the fairer sex. Now the guy is 26 years old and he does not give more problems to know of his adventure, but at one time it was not so:

“I was once summoned to school by the teacher of Gabriel. I knew that he was studying every afternoon with a friend, but judging by the performance it seems that to do so”.

With the smile under the moustache, Maria De Filippi continues continues his story, really funny:

“I wanted to see things more clearly: to the domestic who lives with us asked what the hell was Gabriel with this friend. She replied to me that they were all the day closed in the bathroom, with the candles”.

M what he thought of the Maurizio Costanzo of all of this. Daddy wise man said:

“I was furious and went to see Maurizio. But he replied with coolness and calm seraphic: “And then? Is experiencing, what is wrong?”.

A headache frequent in the parents.

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