Maria de Filippi reported for bullying and intimidation

Published on Oct 13, 2018

Maria de Filippi got into trouble. The known tv presenter has been reported to the police. Maria De Filippi: problems for the queen of TV

From a few hours from the web is circulating a sensational news. Maria de Filippi has been sued by some of the contestants of ‘You you que Vales’. The two competitors last week, they were playing in the studios of Channel 5, have pointed the finger against the ‘Queen Mary’, her troubles with the law.

Nunzia and her companion Frank after receiving a little treat cute by the wife of Maurizio Costanzo you are looking for a legal, denouncing it for Bullying.

“We turned to a lawyer because we wanted to be aired as it was recorded. They, instead, had an interest to convey only that the time bomb. I understand that you have to draw in the audience but not to our damage. In the us there was a real fury”.

Finally, the young man has told you as well that his colleague from the September 11 (the day of the broadcast) has been continually on health issues and panic attacks.

Harsh accusations, and then, the ones made to the wife of Maurizio, which sbottando the direct TV has been defined as a bulla. The two competitors, as well remind viewers of last Saturday, have failed to respect the audience and the jury by raising a middle finger‘.

This act has infuriated Mary, who very kindly invited them to sit outside and to not afford never to behave that way. In the next few days the announcer of Men and women very likely you will receive a notification alert that will cost, perhaps, the place to You you que vales’. To be sure, up to now, the De Filippi had never so exaggerated.

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