Maria de Filippi pissed black with a competitor of You you que vales the hunt, and exits from the studio (VIDEO)


Published on Nov 03, 2019


It rarely happens to see Maria de Filippi pissed black but it happened in the episode You you que vales broadcast on 2 November 2019. In the episode aired yesterday evening, in fact the presenter has become a fury when a competitor on the show has made a request that has left everyone speechless. That the lord in question had not particular talent the, it was understood from his presentation, but that overdoing it even going beyond the limits, it was not possible to imagine. And for the first time it happened that to leave the studio was Mary...”No Maria io esco....” is the phrase the cult of Tina Cipollati, but in this case it was Mary at the exit waiting to see out of his sight range to the competitor that has not had even the decency to apologize for it.

But what is success? Why Maria de Filippi, you've even come to hunt from the study of a competitor of the program?

The competitor of the protagonist of the issue says to read the hands and that then, he has a number of yoga, has also brought a mat on the stage. Right now you understand that not even know him, what you are saying and also Rudy loses his patience...Then comes the time of the number. The competitor says you need to have a girl to help him. This is nothing strange. But then comes the phrase that infuriates De Filippi. The competitor, in fact, says he wants a girl who is a virgin. Not only that, he needs to get the certification. This statement sends on a rampage Maria who urges the lord to immediately leave the studio to walk quickly... “To me, she can leave now. After asking for the certification, I would say that can go long distance and well stretched. – blurts out the De Filippi, who then adds, " Know what? Until it comes out, I'm leaving and I return when she goes away!“. The other three judges baffled to what is going on then take the word. Rudy invites the competitor to ask for at least apologize for what he said. But nothing happens. The man takes and it goes away.



On his return to the studio Maria closes thus: “For him there is the certification of [email protected]“.

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