Maria de Filippi on Who responds to Milly Carlucci and throws a dig


Published on Mar 27, 2019


Maria de Filippi and Milly Carlucci enemy or friends? Really hard to say, but we do, we can't wait for the clash of the Saturday evening early, and that the “war” to the sound of listen to, take on. This morning, bouncing from one site to another, after his interview for the magazine Who, in the words of Maria de Filippi. You've probably read in the past few days, the invitation made by Milly to the presenter of Channel 5. The Carlucci in fact he said that it would be nice to see Maria on Dancing with the stars, perhaps in the role of dancer for a night . It would be an important signal to make everyone understand that between them there is no rivalry. In these weeks, so we all waited for the answer of Maria de Filippi, who arrives today from the pages of the journal.

Here are the words of Maria de Filippi, in his interview for the Magazine Who:

“I was seeing This and what Carlo Conti. Milly Carlucci was his guest, when, at a certain point, I heard Milly say to Charles of me, the invitation is not There is mail, but in his program. I thought it was a joke dictated by the to know that me and Charles are friends, and honestly I took it as such. Then I happened to read on the pages of your newspaper, in an interview with Milly, the same proposal of participation to his show. “

And still:

“I understood that it was not a simple joke, but I thought it was serious, but it was a smart move communication to create jobs on the program given that it is at the invitation of television as the invitation through the newspaper has never followed a phone call by either Milly or the authors of Dancing, in which I asked you to become a dancer for a night. “

The De Filippi explains:

“Usually, the practice is this; so, at least, always I do, and so many others, when you want to invite someone to participate in a program. For my part, no problem. For the great Milly, nothing is impossible, overcome the contemporary the direct of our programs and if its authors, I should call it, certainly I will answer, and certainly we will find a solution.”

But it's really also only a “conceivable” that the De Filippi, while airs Friends, may also be on Dancing with the stars in the role of Dancer for a night?

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