Maria de Filippi in True celebrates 18 years of Friends with Silva University


Published on May 17, 2019


Special episode of True aired may 18, 2019. Tomorrow in fact, in the study of Channel 5, we will see the protagonists of this edition of Friends, and also Maria de Filippi, as well as some of the professors at the school. We came to the 18th edition of the talent and tomorrow night will broadcast the semi-finals. Mary, then, is also called to do a budget this year but, more in general, of the 18 years of the talent the longest-lived of the Italian tv. “The kids of Friends are a little more fortunate because they have the opportunity to spend one year of their dream, and not all of this opportunity we have,“ said Maria de Filippi, in the episode True that we will see it tomorrow on Channel 5.

In the words of Maria de Filippi, in the special episode of Friends:

“Their life can change, I hope for the better and I hope that they can continue to live your dream, not necessarily becoming the guys that climb the charts of disks, or star dance. You can make a living from what you like doing jobs that relate to the genre, without necessarily being top of the class”.

Maria stresses as the most important thing of Friends, and a talent in general, is the presence of talent. Until when we will be their, may be the talent. The presenter also reaffirms that behind every edition of Friends there is the great work of the entire team who daily puts the pieces together.

“Friends arrived to the 18th edition, they are happy that it has come of age, I think that programs can become adults when they are fed by the people who we are”

Maria commented then also the choice of the two artistic directors of this year's edition. About dii Ricky Martin:

“Ricky Martin was a big surprise, I must say that it is beautiful, as her husband from the third episode was always behind the scenes. It is a very serene, reflective, impressive the calm that has. The guys at the beginning have experienced it as a dream, and then slowly you are used to, but it was a wonderful experience I hope for all. I was also happy to have danced together!”

About Vittorio Grigolo instead:

“The idea of having Vittorio Grigolo came to me because some time ago he participated in the program, and this year, with the arrival of Alberto, the opera singer, we open up to this genre. One day, Alfonso Signorini explained to me how the opera is popular, so I approached to that world and from there was born the idea to do it come.”

The appointment with the special episode of "True" dedicated to Friends is for tomorrow at 16 on Channel 5.

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