Maria De Filippi in Sanremo, “I'd seduce by Patrick Dempsey and McConaughey”


Published on Feb 09, 2017


Maria De Filippi in Sanremo, “I'd seduce by Patrick Dempsey and McConaughey”. Maria de Filippi affected by the hormone? After the kiss with Robbie Williams and the one with Keanu Reeves, De Filippi seems unstoppable. During the press conference of the third evening of the Festival, that of the Cover, to the direct question, Mary responded.

A journalist asked her if, after the two kisses with Robbie Williams and Keanu Reeves, Maria feels more a seductress or a woman who prefers to seduce. The answer was dry and firm.
“None of the two, at least not in respect of the two guests to whom I gave a kiss. Or rather, Robbie Williams it took me by surprise as I kissed him on the cheek Keanu because I have seen particularly tense and I wanted to help him“.

But the blood did not stop here.

“And anyway, I wanted to add that if I were in the presence of Patrick Dempsey and McConaughey...Well...They are beautiful and in this case, I want to be to seduce them, but...“.

Maria De Filippi we understood but, more importantly, you understand very well!

On the front of the dresses worn to the festival, which are always all the same color., the De Filippi said: “I Love Tisci, which I think is a genius. Listen to what he tells me to wear it without objection. I'd be a fool to do so. In the third evening of the festival there will be a color more daring”

Another journalist present in the press conference asked: “does Not consider it to be a little too much blanket?”
Also in this case, Mary has been able to respond very well: “in 1961 I believe that the clothes that I wear are just my. Many people at my age, exceeding in apparel, and often I find it in bad taste”

Al Bano – I Will Pray
Alessio Berbabei – One day you believe
Clear – Diamond-with Mauro Pagani on violin
Elodie – When it ends a love
Ermal Meta – Amara terra mia
Fabrizio Moro – The lever the football of the class 68
Fiorella Mannoia – Always and forever with Danilo Rea
Francesco Gabbani – Susanna
Gigi d Alessio – The immensity
Lodovica Comello – Le mille bolle blu
Marco Masini – Lord Lieutenant
Michele Bravi – The season of love
Michele Zarrillo – " If you don't come back
Nesli and Alice Paba – But the sky is always more blue
Paola Turci – An emotion recently
Samuel – I defended my love
Sergio Sylvestre – I Would like the black leather with the Soul System

The singers on the ballot that is challenged. Two of them will be deleted.

Ron – with you there I'm more and Annalisa
Giusy Ferreri – The Paradise
Clementino – Svalutation
Nesli and Alice Paba – But the sky is always more blue
Bianca Atzei – With the pink ribbon
Raige and Giulia Luzi – There was a boy who as me loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones

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