Maria De Filippi in ‘danger’: someone was preparing a trap

Published on Oct 16, 2018

Nicola panics and trap to the detriment of Men and Women

The story that the former tronista Sara Affi Fella has implications that are even heavier than those that have emerged now. In fact, in the last hours with her ex-boyfriend Nicholas Panic has made of the new sensational statements.

Statements involving Maria De Filippi and all the authors of Men and Women. After hiding at all as the companion of Panic, the girl bell would have continued his relationship even after the choice. The young man, in fact, confirmed everything in the studio Elios in Rome by adding the details of this absurd story.

After you have apologized to Lorenzo Riccardi, Luigi Mastroianni and Maria De Filippi, Nicola Panic has released an interview to the blog, Isa&Chia. The guy has stated that he and Sara Affi Fella were ready to make a new trap to the Men and Women and its host.

According to his account, Nicholas had to come down from the stairs of the Throne classic to woo the tronista bell. The whole thing is not been done because she had said in the editorial that Panic wasn't funny and therefore it could be risky for their plan.

“If you've decided to let me go down to court them during the throne? Yes, let's say that we took into account also this possibility, but then it went soft, because she told me that the preparation was not very sympathetic, so it was not the case of risk”,

he told the ex-boyfriend of Sara to the well-known site. The latter, moreover, has said that it would be over soon this story and then, finally, they could live their daily lives in the light of the sun, and with the intention of put on the family.

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