Maria De Filippi ‘humiliates’ Alberto Angela: here's what happened yesterday evening

Published on Sep 30, 2018

The data Auditel Saturday evening, which decreed the victory of You you que vales’ on ‘Ulysses’

Yesterday evening aired the long-awaited confrontation between ‘You you que vales’ and ‘Ulysses’. The winner also this time, the program designed and produced by Maria De Filippi. In the transmission of historical disclosure in onda su Rai Uno spoke of the Sistine Chapel, while in the show of Channel 5 have competed in a number of competitors of various nationalities showing their talent. But let's see in detail the numbers of the data Auditel.

Maria De Filippi or Alberto Angela? At the end to win the evening of Saturday, September 29 was the queen of Italian television. The latter has pretty much humiliated the son of the great Piero Angela, with a gap of almost 8 percentage points.

The show of Canele 5 ‘You you que vales’ has been seen 4.8 million viewers and a 29% share, while ‘Ulysses, has achieved 21% market share and almost four million viewers. In spite of the gap is quite obvious, the program Angela is defending well. However, last week ‘Tonight at Pompeii’ has been able to attract the attention of 4.233.000 spectators and the 24.3% share. Nothing to do, Maria De Filippi is unbeatable.

The Rai is afraid to put into programming a show against the battleship Maria De Filippi. In fact, in recent years, has chosen to televise the film. Now the vertices of Viale Mazzini have opted with a cultural transmission such as ‘Ulysses’ by Alberto Angela. Without thinking that next year, precisely in January 2019 begins a new season of ‘you've got Mail’, and according to the forecast of the previous editions, are expected to be a series of victories for the tv presenter Maria De Filippi.

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