Marco Rufini prepares the braid of Christmas, the recipes, The proof of the cook not to be missed


Published on Dec 19, 2019


In a few days is Christmas and in The proof of the cook today, December 19, 2019 Marco Rufini has suggested the recipe of the plait of christmas, the recipe to three colors. Marco Rufini adds that if we want we can avoid coloring the dough, but in reality, it is the filling of the braid Christmas to surprise us. Ham, fresh pecorino cheese, but also pears, walnuts, pitted olives, and then a braid of Christmas salt but with a pinch of sweet in the dough, a little sugar, to obtain a compound perfect. Here is from the new recipes from the test of The cook for the Christmas the recipe of Marco Rufini, the recipe of the braid three colors, the braid of Christmas.

Ingredients plait of Christmas The proof of the cook: 500 g of 00 flour, 10 g yeast, 50 g sugar, 300 ml milk, 150 ml olive oil, 30 g salt

15 g beet (or tomato paste), 15 g powder of spinach, or spirulina

Topping: 200 g ham, smoked cooked, 200 g of pecorino primo sale, 3 williams pears, 150 g shelled walnuts, eggs, milk, candied orange peel candied, pitted olives

Preparation braid Christmas Rufini: in the bowl pour all the ingredients for the dough, then flour, sugar, fresh yeast, crumbled, olive oil, and milk, join in a little at a time, knead and add the salt and all the remaining milk. Knead for 10 minutes minimum, and we get a homogeneous mixture, that we divide it into three loaves. In a dough ball, add the beet or tomato sauce; in another, we add spinach powder, or spirulina. Cover the loaves and let it rise at room temperature, they must double their volume.
Same goes for the three mixtures are separated and we get three rectangles. On the red one, we have the ham in small pieces and the cheese into slices. On that green ground walnuts and pears into small cubes and already spadellate with the butter. ON the white, add the pitted olives and the orange peel into small cubes.

We close out the three dough over the filling, we get three loaves and have them weave, let it rise, it should double its volume. Spennelliamo with the milk and egg beaten together. Put it in the oven at 190 degrees for 30 minutes, let them brown, let it cool and spennelliamo with the oil and seeds.

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