Marco Polo 2: 9 things to know about the return of the sexy and cruel of the hero of the Netflix

Published on Jun 20, 2016

Marco Polo is back. On the 1st of July, to debut on Netflix the second season of the series most expensive in the history (90 million dollars) after the Game of Thrones. A historical fantasy that the streaming service the most powerful in the world (74,8 million subscribers, you can allow yourself any extravagance) he wanted to double down by investing time (10 months) and another mountain of money to turn in scenarios in fairy-tale costumes are absolutely sumptuous (the rare times in which the women are able to keep them on).

"There are three years that this series keeps me busy: I have not even had the time to doppiarla in Italian," says Lorenzo-male cinderella-Richelmy: he has 26 years old, born in La Spezia, grew up in Rome and with a video shot with a director friend and sent to production has won the role of the protagonist. Really. Then he ventured between Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Budapest, he learned English, and the martial arts and has put, literally, in the scene the Million. Only that none of us, as they are used right from the elementary to I hear the name, you would never have imagined how the Mongols were bloodthirsty, but above all, much addicted to the pleasures of the flesh in the middle Ages. And instead.


1. Blood & sex are the best part
To say. There is also Pierfrancesco Favino, but here it is stripped of all sexiness: is the father a bad offering his son, Marco, as a gift/servant/hostage to the Great Khan in the hope of gaining access to the silk road. Then disappears to reappear in the fourth episode reappears at San Giovanni Of Acre, Palestine, next to the Pope Gregory X (Gabriel Byrne) while baptizing a Mongolian: yes, at the end of the 1200's there were attempts to create an alliance between the Mongols and the Crusaders in the anti-muslim. But it didn't amount to anything.

2. The women are beautiful, warlike, and proudly-in-law
When Marco arrives in Mongolia to the ambassadors to the court of the Great Khan each night is a courtesan different, and the stranger that you are hosting at home divided the bed with their wives/daughters/sisters. The orgy is the norm, the Khan sends a scout in each of the provinces of the empire hunting for experienced women in the ars Latin love and his harem grows out of proportion. But don't be shocked: "The sexual power of the Khan was measured by the number of women that could have around," explains Bean. And the strength of a woman is assessed on the basis of how many men she could meet.

3. In fact, the characters that you fall in love are feminine
The number 1 is the empress, the Lady Chabi: wise woman, powerful, smart, charming. Is Joan Chen (Twin Peaks), 55 years old, chinese of Shanghai, and now a citizen of american. And here it has a vital role to save a little girl (the daughter of the concubine), sacrifice a princess to the son powerless (and is inseminate by the groom, seated 30 seconds after); it is the only human presence next to a Kublai Khan beastly.

4. Even though our favourite remains Mei Lin
Yes, the light-concubine that, completely naked, massacring three armed soldiers (clothes) with blows of the sword, and Kung Fu (this already...). And although it combines the worst of things (type to try to kill the empress, first with poison, then to the sound of arrows) is always pardoned, and who knows why. "It is a live bomb, and holds the secrets of China," explains Richelmy speaking of her, Olivia Cheng, actress journalist tv of Alberta, Canada. The emperor does not know to resist it. Try it you.

5. But also a Hundred Eyes is cute
Had it not been for the name of the master, blind Kung Fu that form Marco, and that in the second series will have a role more... intense.

6. Only that certain moments are just discounted
Marco falls in love with a princess, forbidden, Zhu Zhu (obviously). After countless/clumsy attempts of approach in season 1, in the second, she gives in. Only who prefers the prince and the download without any sense of guilt. Can?

7. And the moment Gomorrah 2 is a punch in the stomach
The Kublai Khan, Benedict Wong of Manchester, british, 45 years old, but he looks at least 60. Especially when he defeats the chancellor, enters China, the conquest and self-proclaimed emperor: this is after you have slaughtered, beheaded, torn to pieces and left to cook in a pot of five meters, dozens of chinese. Only that there is still a 6 year old child (yes and no), in the round, and that he is the Little Emperor legitimate. Marco Polo and Mei Lin seek him, find him, I'll deliver. They imagine that will save him. Instead. Do you remember Peter Savastano, who is shooting the 10-year old daughter of Cyrus? Here it is. The Khan announces that its time has arrived. The child cries, runs to meet him, falls on him, and sobbed. And the Mongolian smothers him in a hug.

8. However, Michelle Yoeh gives big satisfaction
There is also she, the queen of Kung Fu of Hong Kong who doesn't use stunts right from his first action movie (Yes, Madam), and performs: a souvenir from The tiger and the dragon, and an advance from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: the Sword of Destiny, the film on Netflix in which he will star.

9. And we hope that the other episodes are even better
Marco Polo left Venice at age 17 and lived for 26 in the East, and, of these, 17 it passed next to the Great Khan, becoming her man to be trustworthy, then a knight, an ambassador, and finally the governor.
Do not know if there will be a third series, but the story goes that Marco returned home in 1295 at around 40 and made it in time to end up in a jail in genoa. Here, he met the greatest ghost writer of always, Rustichello da Pisa. He was romanticizing the Million. Will John Fusco, the creator and writer of the series, to be truly inspired?


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