Marco Maddaloni won The Island of the Famous 2019


Published on Apr 02, 2019


Is Marco Maddaloni, the winner de The Island of the Famous 2019: the reality show Mediaset, hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi and now in its fourteenth edition. He has triumphed in the head-to-head final by convincing 61% of the public televotante. The silver medal goes to Marina La Rosa. The other deletions made sign in the course of the final night they put to the third place Luca Vismara, fourth place Sarah Altobello and fifth-Aaron Nielsen.

Because of the late hour in which it was proclaimed the victory of Marco Maddaloni, Alessia Marcuzzi, and the affected person have not announced which charity will be 50 thousand Euro offered as a prize from the reality show Mediaset. The direct was closed so quickly that he did not even have time to make any declaration.

In any case, in the course of the evening, Marco Maddaloni has demonstrated, humanly, and with the facts to merit the title of best survivor of this year's edition of the Island of The Famous 2019: came second (if we can say so) in the race of the canoes, was the winner of the test of apnea, but above all has captured the attention of the audience in the studio and at home with her own spontaneous responses, the marriage proposal a surprise and the fake encounter of judo with his sister.

In the course of the final evening, Marco Maddaloni, there was also a video message from his father, who said with much effort, determination and passion he will try to bring the healthy competition, even in harsh environments (for example, the Scampia district of Naples, as also mentioned by Alba Parietti).

“My son has been a model to follow. It is very important to have models because nowadays there are many wrong models on some networks for television“: he annotated the parent first to be laid off by Alessia Marcuzzi.

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