Marco Carta speaks of the theft at la Rinascente: trust in justice and is said to clear


Published on Jul 05, 2019


There are still a couple of months before the start of the process, during which Mark Charter will have to show its strangeness to the facts. Will have to prove that he had not had anything to do with the theft of the t-shirts at la Rinascente. The singer is serene, has already said it has nothing to do with the story, and is convinced that, in the course of the process, when will be taken all the tests, even the surveillance videos, to prove his entire innocence.

Interviewed by the journalists of Corriere Tv, Marco talked about her last year, very complicated. From the theft to the department store Rinascente, in which it is said not involved to the problems of health that have done so much to worry about.

Commenting on the news about the appeal that the prosecutor's office would have done for the revocation of the arrest, the singer declares:

“I am not worried. There came the notification, then this news might be incorrect. But, however, are clear. I don't like the aggressive general, but I know that the more people are aggressive the more affection I get, it is absurd for the much love I am receiving.“

It was a year really turbulent what Mark has lived. In fact, in addition to the latest problems with the law, a few months ago the singer was in the hospital for a very delicate operation and has not much wanted to talk about. Always express tv, said:

“I had two thoughts at the antipodes. The first was: ‘Do what you want, anesthesia, I want to stop suffering because of that pain in the gut I never tried in my life, is indescribable. But I also thought: ‘I wonder if I'll wake up’. I always think of my mother, when I happen beautiful things but also ugly. In that case, I asked her to help me, protect me and give me the strength. I don't know if I believe in God, but believe in her.“

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