Marco Carta fulfilled: the first post on the social with a special thanks to his Sirius


Published on Oct 31, 2019


For Marco Carta ends up a nightmare. He had always said from the first moment: “I don't have anything to do with this story and I am going to clean”. These are the words of Marco the Charter by 31 may 2019, when he had been accused of the theft of six t-shirts at la Rinascente value of about 1000 euro. Today came the judgment: "Marco Carta has been found not guilty, the singer is innocent.

After receiving the news from his lawyers, the singer has decided to comment on the social, the facts.

The singer Marco Carta has been acquitted “for not having committed the fact” in connection with the alleged theft of six t-shirts . Today Mark has decided to comment with a message and sweet words in particular for all her fans, for her boyfriend and his family, clearly. And words also, for anyone who has ever pointed the finger with the worst jokes on this story.

I never stopped believing.
It is as if today I woke up from a bad dream.
Because this is what remains, only a bad memory in danger of extinction.
I thank all the people who have never believed even for a second for the cruelty these free of charge.
Thanks to my family, to my friends, the real ones.
Thanks Sirius, my love.
Now I can resume is still stronger than my music and my days, now I can get back to smile.
Thanks to the my World Paper.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my lawyer. Simon Jordan Ciró is Maximilian the Appendix.

And these, however, the parile Simone Ciro Giordano and Massimiliano anna-maria, defenders of the singer:

“Charter mark is innocent, and now we can say out loud. It was a story that is minimal, but the reputation helps, and I hope that I can be of help to all to understand that the processes are in the courts”

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