Marco Carta declares himself innocent, and does not blame his friend saved his life


Published on Sep 23, 2019


Marco Carta declares himself innocent to Live is Not the D'urso. The singer, winner of Amici di Maria De Filippi, and also of the Festival of Sanremo, a few months ago, was arrested on a charge of aggravated theft. Would be stolen, at la Rinascente in Milan, six t-shirts of the value of 1,200 euros. In the program of Channel 5 has spoken once again of what happened, following the first hearing of the process, in which the singer has asked for the abbreviated. So you want to shed some light on what has really happened on 31 may 2019. Marco Carta has stolen those t-shirts or not? He continues to say to be innocent. Let's find out what came out in the course of the episode last night, Sunday, September 22, 2019, to Live is Not the D'urso.

The Judge in charge of the case of theft linked to Charter Mark took time following the request for abbreviated. The judgment was postponed to 31 October at 8.30 am. You will have to proceed with the examination of the surveillance video. It all began when an agent saw Marco Carta and a woman go into the dressing rooms. The friend of the Paper passed the mesh to the singer who was later released without anything between the hands. After that, the agent saw the two climb the stairs and go in the bathroom with the bag. In the bag, later on, were found a screwdriver and the six t-shirts not paid. Instead, in the bathroom they found the devices anti-shoplifting.

Marco Carta has said that she has asked the rite abbreviated because it is innocent. He therefore said that it would not make sense to declare something that isn't true with a loud voice, as he has done in these months. “I am absolutely innocent,“ said Marco Paper on Barbara D'urso. He then continued: “Speak and praise something that is not would not be smart on my part. We would make a bad figure“. Therefore, he stressed again: “The truth is that I've always said“.

Charter mark was stopped at the exit of the store along with his friend, the nurse cagliari Fabiana Muscas. The accusation of aggravated theft. Subsequently, the woman was placed under house arrest, while Paper is set at liberty, and sent for trial.

Vladimir Luxuria asked to Mark the Paper because he never accused her friend. The singer responded by saying that he does not like to talk about people not present. Also, his friend has edited several times, by the nurse, saving the life a few years ago. Was at home alone in Rome, and has on the verge of dying, for a peritonitis. For this he does not feel the need to accuse him.

So apparently Marco Carta continues to declare to be innocent. We can only wait for the outcome of the process and the decision of the Judge to discover what the truth is.

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