Marco Bocci: what is herpes of the brain that has affected the actor

Published on Oct 01, 2018

Marco Bocci, host transmission Verissimo told of the disease, which has been hit in recent months. Because of this disease the well-known actor was forced to stay in hospital. Bocci has contracted herpes to the brain. So he told the microphones of Silvia University, host of that's True:

“It was a simple herpes from the lips has gone to the brain. When you are tired you do not have the immune system. Luckily it was just identified. The treatment has been successful immediately and I have not had the type of consequences. But from there I understood so many things”

The fan does not have never made to miss their affection for each other in these difficult months. So, in particular, remembers the actor umbro:

“When I got the phone, I have come to understand the love of the people. I don't know how many messages I got. It seemed only fitting to thank all those who”

Herpes of the brain, known as encephalitis, herpetic, is a rare eventuality that occurs when the herpes virus that develops on the lips and moved to the brain. This may occur through the olfactory nerve. May cause severe brain damage and in some cases even death. Herpes of the brain can occur at any age, however is most common in children aged less than three years or in adults older than 50 years.

In the case of a herpes brain infection has a rapid-onset. In less than 48 hours appear symptoms such as high fever, headaches, behavior problems. The infection produces damage to language and memory. To these symptoms is followed by a state of confusion and in severe cases, coma, which can add even convulsions or paralysis. Herpes of the brain is treated with an emergency drug based on acyclovir. The disease has a mortality rate of 20%. Surviving patients report severe consequences. Thankfully it was not so for Marco Bocci, who has recovered entirely, and then could return to his work and to his family.

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