Marco Bocci, testimonial of the advertising campaign of Harmont & Blaine


Published on Dec 11, 2019


Marco Bocci, testimonial of the advertising campaign of Harmont & Blaine. The actor umbro, the famous face of success both on the small and on the big screen, plays the brand of the Dachshund through an advertising campaign in the omnichannel.

Bocci, the protagonist of the short film “...And if that happens“ under the direction of Brando De Sica, the son of art and young Italian talent, communicates the values and identity of the brand, through its appeal and wearing the new autumn / winter collection 19/20.

A face, the face of the actor, expression of a healthy, active life, a charming personality, an emblem of the Italian Harmont & Blaine; character cross that embraces both a male and female, united with a spirit of genuine and sparkling make Bocci is the ideal testimonial for the new campaign of the winter of the dachshund.

At the base of the choice of Marco Bocci, the brand's desire to further increase the positioning of their brand, perceived as a product with a sophisticated and elegant while retaining their own soul informal.

“I immediately embraced the idea of the project, Harmont & Blaine, to tell the Italian spirit through the journey in the most beautiful locations of Italy,” commented Marco Bocci. “Tell the Italy in the world through a campaign and his clothes, I think it's a winning strategy to export the made in italy all over the world.”

“I have chosen with pleasure the cooperation with Harmont & Blaine, because I have always liked the brand power to rip his soul, dry, and refined at times or coloured, and inclined to smile other. Harmont & Blaine, its collections and the people I have met make me feel good, and I am sure that we will do an interesting journey together,” concluded the actor.

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