Marco Bocci super nice to become a writer and director At Tor Bella Monaca


Published on Nov 26, 2019


Marco Bocci super nice to become a writer and director At Tor Bella Monaca. Comes to cinemas from 28 November To Tor Bella Monaca is not ‘it rains’ ever, the directorial debut of Marco Bocci, who also wrote the screenplay, from the novel of the same name published by DeA Planeta.

A story of the suburbs that you spot atmospheres crime. A photograph of Tor Bella Monaca, as a metaphor for any ‘world’ difficult, marked by public opinion, where together with the ‘defeated’ live together also so many people who struggle every day to live with honesty. An act of love for those places, full of stories, of anger, of life.

The film tells the story of two brothers, Mauro and Romulus, and of their family in one of the districts of Rome, Tor Bella Monaca. What for many is the norm, in a complex reality such as that experienced by the family Borri becomes a utopia: to be able to pay the rent, have a home of their own, find a "real" job, build a future seem unattainable goals, at least for those who want to live honestly. For this the temptation to find the easy money is so strong, that even if you become a bad is not simple and for those who make a mistake once is really hard to recover and get a second chance.

Among the protagonists of the film, Libero De Rienzo, Santa Maradona, the saga I Stop when I want), Andrea Sartoretti (Boris -the film, TV series criminal Novel), Antonia Liskova (There was a chinese in a coma, fool for love) and the participation of Giorgio Colangeli, actor with a career spanning thirty years she has worked with major directors, including Ettore Scola, Paolo Sorrentino, Sergio Rubini, Daniele Luchetti.

For his first film, Marco Bocci chooses to tell that the suburbs in which he lived and to which he is particularly, just to shatter any prejudice in relation to that reality: “I wrote this story because I wanted to tell a periphery true in which you will cross many lives, so many characters, each with his own path, each different from the other, but each is indispensable to the next – tells. To do this I started from my most intimate experiences. So many characters, so many losers, so many losers that don't know to live without abandon hope, cheerful, and positive, as the images that tell them, a rebirth, an opening, a light, strong and present to mark that there is always a healthy way to escape. A film that tries to get everyone, that wants to tell and to face problems without, however, losing the primary goal of the cinema, excite and entertain”.

“Evil is born or it becomes?” Mauro Borri (Libero De Rienzo), 35 years, is to find out to his cost. His ex-girlfriend Samantha (Antonia Liskova), left him for a doctor, but he does not give peace. Want to find a way to redeem himself, to reclaim and also starting to “live”. Destroyed by jobs, precarious workers without prospects, and now wants to meet the future head-on, but between the casermoni of Tor Bella Monaca, where Mauro was born and grew up always playing by the rules and waiting for the right opportunity, life is an obstacle race and even a "real job" is a mirage.

So, when two of his friends put it into his head to rob no less than the chinese mafia, the temptation to get involved was too strong. Become bad, however, is not a small thing: he well knows Romulus (Andrea Sartoretti), the brother of Mauro, a former thug regretted that for years the fight to win a second chance. And while the family of Mauro and Romulus, struggling with a tenant moroso, and the myriad injustices of today, it does everything to remain united and not to succumb to a brutal fate prepares to play yet another joke.

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