Marco Bocci revelation choc on the disease: “I came to the brain....

Published on Sep 28, 2018

The husband of Laura Chiatti has revealed, finally, the disease that had always hidden. Marco Bocci speaks of a herpes to the brain, which would have made risking big

Marco Bocci, will be the guest of Silvia University to "True" on the 29th of September to True. During the interview, the actor revealed the health problem that he had had a few months ago.

Herpes is a very common problem but one that has had Marco Bocci could even be lethal. The beloved actor, the microphones of Verissimo, has told:

“When you do too much your body tells you that maybe you have to stop for a moment. When you are tired you do not have immune system and your body cannot protect itself as it should. It happened to me to think of having a piece of cake, a simple and herpes the same herpes do not stop at the lips but it went all the way to the brain“.

Fortunately, the actor has been able to count on the support of the family and, in particular, Laura Chiatti, the actress wife loved so much. The University shares:

“Fortunately, the cause was identified immediately and everything went well“

The actor told the whole open heart, leaving the audience deeply moved:

“Laura, I was close”

Bocci also tells of the love and affection received:

“In those days I got so many messages and I have heard good of the people. For this reason, I thought it proper to thank everyone through a video message”

The episode will be as always on the wave next Saturday.

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