Mara Venier will return to Sunday IN September? His words


Published on May 27, 2019


In the latest episode of Sunday In the air on may 26, 2019, Mara Venier has had a lot of time to make his thanks, to celebrate with all the people who have been close in this year. But he has not said anything about his future. Did not understand if she'd like, what you think in the Rai. He has, however, responded in some way to the person who asked if in September we'll see her again.

The presenter has immediately thanked him, also in the course of the episode, mario Orfeo, the former director of Rai and Angelo Teodoli the director of Rai 1 that have strongly wanted at the helm ON Sunday. As you know by now, in Rai you change the leadership every year, so anyone who arrives after found and the choices made by his predecessors. In the case of Mara, it was definitely a pleasure to Orpheus, and Teodoli, but also for Teresa De Santis, the new director of the network, which has, however, found one Sunday that winning. “I thank you because for me you have always been close in any time and I can say that I didn't give much trouble,” said the ironic Mara Venier in his greetings.


The Venier has closed this bet between tears and smiles, a little’ as has happened throughout this edition. He wanted at his side the people you do care and thanked the public. After 4 years he can also be found in the Rai the great affection that he had left, finding another slice of the public, the youngest.

And on the future of the Mara is not unbalanced. He said that he will decide everything in the next few days for which it remains only for us to keep you updated with all the news coming from Viale Mazzini.

In the Rai for the next fall there might be some small revolutions. The return of Massimo Giletti guest on Dancing with the stars does not exclude the possibility of seeing him again on Sunday. And maybe if not in the early evening, why not again teamed with Mara to give back to the afternoon of the network the right sprint?

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