Mara Venier's worried about Nicola Carraro's feared that it may have had the coronavirus


Published on May 11, 2020


Someone surely will remember an episode of the Sunday broadcast in the month of December, in which Mara Venier was very susceptible and was excited talking about his husband Nicola Carraro. On that occasion he had not wanted to say much, but always being very honest with the public that follows, he could not hide that there was something that was not so good. He had not told the details but it was understood that it was a personal thing. And in fact, today, in an interview with Free Daily newspaper, the Venier explained that she was very worried for the health of her husband who had had at that period a bad pneumonia while he was still in Santo Domingo. Today, with hindsight, also the presenter asks: and if it had been coronavirus?

In his interview to the Free Daily newspaper, Mara explains:

Nicola has had a pneumonia very severe in December. Was in Santo Domingo. Has comunciato with fever, then went to the hospital. The professor of the Twins has seen the plate, he said that he was serious. I was doing Sunday and I was destroyed. But he has done it, has done it. He returned to Rome before Christmas and we went to the Twins. But now, with the benefit of hindsight, I think: is not that he had the coronavirus?

And then adds:

It is not clear when it arrived. Some professors have told me that in November there were already too many cases of bad pneumonia. After a long time, so, me and my husband we live a daily life diversaPer luck we have a house on two floors (laughs,ndr). I don't do nothing but cook and eat, I took eight pounds, but I do not care. I pray

Today, however, everything is in the past, Nicola is well and Mara is back and more serene to do on a Sunday IN maybe never as complicated and difficult as this season of television. The public, however, follows with affection, giving the program of Rai 1 excellent listen.

And it will be a Sunday that will go down in history also because the program stretches out. As revealed yesterday by Mara, the Sunday will be aired until the end of June.

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