Mara Venier overwhelmed by criticism on social: “I have many gay friends but my husband is normal”


Published on Nov 10, 2019


In the episode ON Sunday 10 November 2019, Mara Venier has hosted Patty Griffin, and together they talked of travel, of their venetian origins of the long career of the singer. But on the social host of the Sunday has been overwhelmed by controversy because of a phrase surely out of place that he said during this interview. It is clear that the Vernier does not wish in any way to be offensive and it certainly is not a person homophobic. But the expression that he used this afternoon has meant that many spectators indignassero and commentassero the words of the anchorwoman on Rai 1.

But let's explain what happened and then show you the video of this moment.

“We want to say that we all have gay friends,” said the presenter reiterating that some of his best friends are homosexuals. The Griffin, however, pointed out that she is married, about love. “Yes, I am married, my husband is normal,” said Mara, noting, however, immediately realise that you have not used the best of terms, since in this case you would have to say something as it “my husband is a straight guy” to say...

And here's the video of this moment , a lot of the criticism for the presenter on the social

Mara and Patty have lots of gay friends.
Mara has a husband, “normal”.
Patty is the verses.
Moments of the highest television #vernier #rai #RaiPlay #pattypravo #gay #normal #domenicain #BuonaDomenica #SURREALISM

Mara is definitely realized having used a expression to be inappropriate and imagine sure someone will have something to say. But it is important, when you are on television in front of 3 million viewers, use the right terms. It is clear to all, and again, that Mara is not homophobic, who does not want to offend anyone and that it have full respect for homosexuals. The problem is those who listen, those who may have misinterpreted these words. To think that “gay” is not normal, it is unfortunately all that we have to fight.

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