Mara Venier out of themselves at the supermarket, the words against D'urso to a fan

Published on Sep 26, 2018

The beautiful Mara Venier always knows how to surprise his fans. Even at the supermarket, in the life of every day, his aunt shows his sympathy

The last duel between Mara Venier and Barbara D'urso saw again the triumph of the Mara. The reason for this? The new Sunday school, and love it.

Mara Venier, with his Sunday has pulled in the ratings for the second episode, consecutive, Barbara D'urso and Sunday Live. The volcanic Barbara has not convinced us, gnete prefer the genuine Mara.

A fan a few hours ago, he caught her at the supermarket. The witness travels on the profile Instagram presenter. Mara, as always, show the people that he wants to hug her and take a selfie with her.

Barbara has tried to deny the victory of Mara, but the presenter Rai is there and people commented on with pride in its momentary success. The video was posted on the profile of the presenter.

Accompanying the video, the Venier writes:

“My Monday morning...yesterday, Sunday, In she won the competition...I enjoy these two victories, unexpected...then you will see”.

The Rai is reliving a great time full of satisfaction. The choice to put Mara on the run, has proved successful.



My Monday morning yesterday, Sunday, in she won the competition....I enjoy these two victories, unexpected......then you will see #domenicain #supermarket SUNDAY IN 15.8 SUNDAY LIVE 13.4 this is the overlap

A post shared by Mara Venier (@mara_venier) date: Sep 24, 2018 at 3:25 pm PDT

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