Mara Venier knee and apologizes to Irene Grandi after the blunder: “I made my visit”


Published on Feb 23, 2020


In the episode of Sunday 23 February 2020, inevitably, has spoken of what happened last week in the studio when Mara Venier gave one of its unsurpassed pearls to the public! You will recall that in speaking with Bugo, the Venier had “forgotten” Irene at the Sanremo Festival. Today, the tv presenter has been remedied by inviting the singer from tuscany and apologizing on his knees for what happened last week in the lounge ON Sunday. Irene Grandi has had a lot of fun joking with Mara and not shown at all offended by what happened, quite the contrary. Mara Venier, welcoming Irene in the studio, then showed the video with his question Bugo that left everyone without words. In addition, the authors have packed a video very ironic, by showing the performance of Irene at the Sanremo, but also the presentation of Mara is made in the special episode of Sunday IN the post Sanremo.

The presenter did not know how to apologize! He also joked with Irene saying “rincoglionita” as he had done also last week. Then he added: “I have to say that I went also to let me go after” stressing that it is not so much normal for the blunder that has taken!

Mara then revealed, even if he still cannot understand how is born this kind of connection, you understand Irene Fargo to the place of Irene Grandi...

Mara had confused Irene with Irene Fargo 🤣😂🤣✈️✈️✈️ #domenicain

Mara then asked as Irene has to know about what had happened to Sunday. The singer explained: “I have to say that these news arrive almost in real time, maybe it can escape a my concert beautiful but these things are funny the discover it all now,” said the singer.

At the end we could say “all is well that ends well...”.

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