Mara Venier in the dressing room before Sunday: “I makeup alone, it's right this way”


Published on Apr 05, 2020


Yesterday Rita from the Church appeared in the dressing room before Italy yes and was excited to get combed by a special person, Elena Santarelli, who has improvised a hairdresser in a complicated situation like the one we are experiencing. Today also Mara Venier on social wants to launch a strong message. Before the episode On Sunday 5 April 2020 shows us how to prepare to go on the air live. Does recording with his cell phone of the stories in which you show while applying her makeup and combing her hair, preparing to go in the studio.

“To me, makeup and I comb it alone,” said Mara Venier he then added: “And rightly so”. It is not easy for anyone, even for professionals these days are complicated continue to entertain us and make our homes even enters the lightness as well as the usual information.

The followers of Mara, have clearly noticed the difference with the other people in the world of the show. A few days ago there was much talk of an article signed by Wild Lucarelli in which you spoke of Barbara d'urso, who still want their hair and makeup.

Others had noted that and also Michelle Hunziker before going on the air with Strip the news had posted photos from his dressing room, doing as she had the hairdresser people with masks and safety standards). One thing that the audience had not, however, very much appreciated.

Mara instead he chose, for the safety of all, to prepare alone, as you can! And shows the sad, the her dressing room empty on the social: “it Was always full of people,” says disconsolate. “A kiss at all, let's go ahead and we're at home” is the invitation that Mara addressed to all the people who follow him with affection.

Force Mara you are beautiful even so!

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