Mara Venier in tears On a Sunday: a hug for all, especially for families that suffer from the loss of a loved one


Published on Apr 12, 2020


Easter eggs, Dove in the studio, a climate of peace and serenity, even to try to enter, on tiptoe, in the homes of italians. It is now Mara Venier in the episode of Easter Sunday, perhaps one of the most difficult in this period. The presenter is to be aired today, on this Sunday so special, because its mission, even at Easter, is to bring a bit of lightness in the homes. The houses of the italians, and the houses of all of us today, including a slice of Colomba and a piece of Easter egg, let's look forward!

But the emotions are many and Mara, with the monologue that opened the episode of the day today, April 12, 2020, could not hold back the tears.

The words of Mara Venier, in this episode, a difficult one: “I never imagined, never thought, to spend an Easter so far away from our family, from our friends, from our family, away from it all. I, however, am convinced that in reality no one ever has a past Easter so near to the other, so united, so... All together” .

And again: “Today we celebrate the Resurrection, and we hope that we too can be resurrected. I hope that this Easter be a resurrection for all of us, not only for our country, Italy, but also for the rest of the world that are suffering.

Also the host of a Sunday, joins the one who is our virtual hug, addressed to all the people who are still in the front line, to fight against this enemy. “I want to virtually embrace and wish a happy Easter to all medical staff, nurses, health care personnel. Above all, I want to embrace all the families who have lost their loved ones and who are suffering. Are really too many,” said the presenter.

And not miss even tears when it was time for a sweet surprise, a video message from the grandson of the Mara, which is very fond of, for obvious reasons, not seen in weeks!

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