Mara Venier ends up in the hospital, but does not lose its irony: the video on social to reassure the fans


Published on Nov 15, 2019


At what time you will be lifted this morning, Mara Venier, also today at 5? She was probably doing her usual around the house when she is in pain! A small accident at home, Mara has taken good! The presenter of Domenica IN, a few minutes ago, in fact, on the social wanted to share it with the people that follow it always with great affection, a video. Do not miss the irony, even after the trip to the hospital! “Here's what happens when you walk always barefoot in the house,” said the presenter posting the video as he exits the hospital. Mara had quickly reassured everyone: "nothing scares because it did not happen anything serious. She probably banged the foot somewhere, even if at the time has told the story of the dynamic, precise of the facts! The result? Two toes bandaged! The Venier was content to reassure all on the fact is also this Sunday, we will see in wave. It is not the first time that the presenter makes you sick: two Sundays ago he had severe pain in the knee, in the past, his back was to the whims. And this time the foot with the small accident. But fortunately, again, nothing serious.

In the video posted on Instagram we see it while in the company of a friend leaves the hospital. Two fingers steccate and a nice distortion, this is the doctor's reference to the presenter.

Always barefoot in the house's what happen ...we are the usual .....❤️❤️❤️ #damosenagrattata 🌶🌶🌶🌶

A post shared by Mara Venier (@mara_venier) on Nov 15, 2019 at 2:15am PST

The Venier to defuse, as he always does, the us also on the social irony and you can not miss, including the hashtag used for the publication of video even a nice #damosenagrattata. You never know!

Force Mara wishes for a very ready healing. See you on Sunday with Sunday, maybe sitting on a nice comfortable chair.

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