Mara Venier ‘depressed’: the fans are worried, here's what happened

Published on Oct 27, 2018

Mara Venier is appeared a little sad in these last few hours on social. According to some fans, the tv presenter might have a few thoughts especially related to the state of his health

Mara Venier, the lady of the Sunday par excellence, and is a very much loved and followed also on the social. The presenter, however, in these last hours showed a photo that he did worry a little for his fans.

Mara Venier via the his last shot appears to be sad on social. Through a photo published on its official account of Instagram, aunt Mara hopes the “hello”to all those who follow him with affection on social. But Mara more than cheer has worried his fans.

The presenter with the serene face, has an expression between sad and melancholy, perhaps the victim of a bad day. Users that follow do not have been able to do less to let them out through the copious comments.

Because in that shot Mara Venier looks sad? Someone says, “sadly beautiful”. And other they also make comparisons with his enemy on Sunday, Barbara D'urso, stressing that she does not need to undress to receive like.

The Venier has just celebrated his legendary 68-year-old in the family, and with a cover of the weekly magazine Chi that was all his, now post this photo (which most likely is part of the photo shoot for the newspaper at the newsstand) this is a wonderful, but intense and melancholic.

Nothing happened of bad in the Mara, but someone advances the hypothesis that the presenter of the day has some health problem. We hope that it is not so, it would be a shame to do without his presence for some time on Sunday!

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