Mara Venier, and the marriage of Cristel Carrisi special: a Sunday IN the anecdotes on that day


Published on Mar 17, 2019


In the episode ON Sunday 17 march 2019, Cristel Carrisi and her sister Romina Junior, have been the subject of a long interview with Mara Venier. In particular, we talked also of the marriage of Cristel, the feast to which Mara Venier has participated. The presenter of Rai 1 commented: “I think that your wedding was the most exciting of which I have attended, three day celebration, which was really awesome“. The presenter has also told other anecdotes of the day of the marriage to the audience of Rai 1, showing also some unpublished images of the wedding day of Cristel.

Mara then decided to share the anecdotes of the day of the wedding Cristel:

“I have to say that I had a great time. I arrived two days before to stay close to The Bano and I was with him in the last stages of preparation. We went around everywhere, and when we arrived at the location, I remember very well that he was responsible for everything. Controlled light bulbs, the tables, the music, everything. He was attentive to every detail”.

And Cristel reiterated: “I have to say that he was really attentive to everything. And in fact, when I arrived at the location to review the last few things, I found myself with a hammer in my hand that was arranging in the branches of figs. It was dealing with everything. It is really a special person.”

( some of the unpublished images of the video of the wedding of Cristel)

The Carrisi has also revealed another anecdote that relates to the day of the wedding, and Mara Venier. “This movie we are seeing today, when I received it the first time I have had to send back and you know why? Why is the mom not you could ever see, in the video you were the only. I love you aunt Mara, but I wanted to see the mom more often,” she said, smiling, Cristel.

Mara then told to be left at three in the morning very tired, and also slightly drunk: it was really a memorable party, because there was love in the air.

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