Mara Venier, and Iginio Massari give the recipe for the tart ON a Sunday


Published on Apr 26, 2020


Someone had lost the recipe for the tart the perfect view in the episode ON Sunday last Sunday? Today, Mara Venier, after what happened last week, has decided to give back to the public ON Sunday, due to popular demand, the recipe for the tart that Iginio Massari and Debora had prepared together last week. Unfortunately, the link had not been of the best, and the audience at home had avito difficulty in taking notes. But today we thought of Mara Venier, with a lot of graphics and precise, to make the point of the situation, with Iginio and Deborah again in the link for the recipe of the tart!

We in any case had already taken notes last week ( here is the recipe for the tart Iginio).

The bet of the day today April 26, 2020 starts and then the sign of Iginio that back in the direct link from his bakery, hoping that soon you can go back to normal and to see people, families, new in store!

And Mara, armed with pen, took notes and wished that you specificassero in detail, all the ingredients because the audience of Rai 1 on Sunday it seemed like a lot of the sweet prepared by Iginio.

For those who missed the details of all the ingredients, here are the graphics.

And then laughing and joking with a special video of Nicola Carraro asked the teacher if he can explain how to make tiramisu, this is because Mara does not seem to be able to cook any sweet. And her then-husband launched an appeal to the master Massari: to teach to the Mara and to the audience of Rai 1, the recipe of the tiramisu.

“I would like to say to Nicola, who did not give her prepare,” said Mara, joking that knows only the chocolate salami.

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