Mara Fasone Men&Women: “Andrea, you are a rude!”

Published on Oct 26, 2018

Mara critical of Andrea in the studio

The episode of the Throne a Classic, to be aired today in the afternoon, had as the protagonists Mara Fasone and Andrea Dal Corso. The latter has organized for you a romantic dinner it is finished in the best of ways. They started to discuss loudly, heedless of the cameras.

For the guy, the situation has become unsustainable, so has not waited until the end of the external and it went away irritated. In the study of Men and Women Mara complained to his attitude a little gallant. From his point of view you should never leave it that way with a woman.

At the end of the penultimate recording, Mara went in the dressing room of Andrea for ribadirgli that does not see him interested in her. The ex-tempter of Temptation Island has wanted to fly over on the charges received inviting her to dinner. At the restaurant they have clashed on several topics: she has done a real interrogation to understand the reasons that pushed him to participate in the program.

He, instead, asked of the things related to his past. Mara has made yet another sermon because it would have had to inform seeing his video presentation. Andrea has indicated that she had called in because these topics just to make conversation. Tired of exhausting verbal confrontation, did not think two times to leave her alone at the table. Both the audience and the other tronisti have given him reason. Gianni Sperti has invited Mara to be a set because he is giving a confirmation of his childishness.

It seems that Mara will abandon the throne due to a bug. In a few words the ex-boyfriend he was still at his parents. Before receiving this news, Andrea has decided to declare himself for Teresa Langella, with whom he discovered to have a very good feeling. What will happen now?

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