Maps on iOS 13: collections, favorites, search, and more


Published on Jun 11, 2019


Maps on iOS 13: collections, favorites, search, and more

There are some changes coming to the Maps app in iOS 13, that offer a feature set that reflects more closely some of the tools and functionality available in applications like Google Maps.

The change in the most interesting and remarkable in the Maps is the new feature Look Around, that is the answer of Apple the Street View function of Google. Look Around allows us to obtain a level at the level of the road for what is around us (or what we seek) in the Maps app.

The new function takes advantage of the whole collection of data related to Maps that Apple has obtained is from the data collection made with the own car or on foot.

Look Around can be used wherever it is shown a pair of binoculars. By touching the icon enter in a view at street level and you can also tap again to use the full screen function.

Touching the display allows us to move through the road is selected, and clicking on an area far away we are transported up to the selected point. Points of interest are known, such as restaurants and farms, are marked with identifying icons.

The function is limited to the areas where a machine can access because it uses the data captured by a camera 360 degrees and placed on a vehicle. This means that you can zoom in on areas, such as parks or beaches, for example, but Apple may add this feature in the future since the company is also collecting data on foot.

How about Google Maps, your personal information, as well as the places and faces are blurred to protect the privacy of the people.

At this time, Look Around is limited to some areas in the United States such as California and Nevada, but Apple plans to expand the availability after the release of iOS 13. Should be available in the United States in 2019, and in other countries in 2020.

The maps in iOS 13 have the “Favorites“ option, that allows us to search for specific locations and add them to a favorites list. The favorites are the Home and work by default, but you can add any location.

By tapping one of your favourite options, the directions are immediately displayed, so that the Favorites list is the best place for the places where we go regularly. The tips Siri are also used here to suggest the places that we visit often that we would like to add.

There is also a new feature called “Collections” where you can aggregate different places, such as restaurants that you want to try or places you want to visit.

All your lists in the collection can be shared, so we can create lists of places for friends and relatives who visit our city and share them with them, for example.

The Web page dedicated to iOS 13 makes specific reference to details more realistic for the streets, beaches, parks, buildings, and other things, but it is not entirely clear if this is new.

Both the collections and the bookmarks are beautiful additions to the Apple Maps that make it more useful, and Look Around is a fantastic new tool to give a close look at what is nearby.




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