Manuel Careddu Nicola Caboni questioned by the Gip for three hours

Published on Oct 27, 2018

Nicola Caboni (19 years) one of the young men ended up in handcuffs in the context of the murder of Manuel Careddu (18) has been questioned by the Gip for three hours. Caboni has answered all the questions. Manuel Careddu was killed in the province of Oristano, with the consequent burial of the corpse from the part of his executioners.

Nicola Caboni, born in Ghilarza, was arrested and is currently incarcerated with the charge of suppression of a corpse. The 19-year-old would have in fact provided support to at least one of the alleged killers of Manuel Careddu, during the movement of the corpse, to the place where it have been found. The poor remains of the 18-year-old were found under half a metre of the ground.

The pm Andrea Chelo and the Gip Annie Cécile Pinello are entered in the prison of Messama, together with the legal Nicola Caboni, Marcello Sequi and Irene Ghana. For the hearing validation of the firm prepared by the Prosecutor's office. The young man replied to all the questions that were addressed, seeking to justify its position regarding the case of Manuel Careddu. The lawyer Ghana has reported to ANSA:

‘Do not say anything about the content of the statements. The judge has reserved the right to decide’

Ghana and Sequi have asked that their client be set free. According to them, in fact, there would be the presuppositions for the case in prison.

Fabiola Balardi, the mother of Manuel Careddu, is understandably upset by what happened to the young son. Turning to the alleged killers, the woman finished, stating:

‘You killed him as if he were a beast. The pay dear’

The lady explained that no condemnation, not even the most hard, will be able to provide consolation. The mother of Manuel Careddu can't understand how five guys have been able to end the life of his son, who in the eyes of the Mother Fabiola was ‘little more than a child’. Fabiola Balardi said that Manuel was a boy with many dreams and a great love of life. The woman, referring to the past of Manuel, he said:

‘I know that he was involved in the stories are not beautiful but had paid for his sins’

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