Manoeuvre 2020, the plan cashless: limits to the use of cash, what changes?


Published on Oct 16, 2019


The Council of Ministers has approved the Manoeuvre 2020, and it appears the plan is cashless, which is a limitation of the use of cash. What changes for the citizens? In these days there is much talk about the fight against tax evasion targeted by this Government, the M5S-Pd, with the objective of limiting the use of cash in favour of the use of cards and atms, and, therefore, to make the payments traceable. In this direction goes the plan cashless, that is the lowering of the roof of the cash from 3 thousand to one thousand euro, but in three years. In addition there are rebates of commissions for the retailers that need to accept payments through the pos. Then there is the lottery of the tickets with special prizes and drawings for charges made via credit cards and debit cards. Let's see what will happen from 2020 onwards.

The roof of the cash is covered by the new financial manoeuvre and should start already from the month of January 2020. In reality, however, is not it will come soon to a roof of a thousand euro, but what will happen in a gradual manner. You will, therefore, from 3 thousand to thousand euro over the next three years. In 2020 the cap will be of 2 thousand euro, while after two years it will reach one thousand euro. In this way, you want to make traceable payments.

To achieve the goal of traceability is necessary that the traders are encouraged to make use of the atm. For them it is expected a significant lowering of the boards, reaching almost to reset.

Then there is the lottery of tickets, thanks to which there will be draws and prizes, regarding, obviously, the payments made with credit cards or debit cards. This measure was introduced in the last manoeuvre, but in fact had not been implemented. There will be tickets speakers that must bear the fiscal code of the person making the purchase.

In the plan cashless it is also part of the bonus befana, a sort of gift for those who make certain purchases through electronic payment. Are all interventions that aim to discourage the use of the money in cash and that fit precisely in the floor cashless present in the Maneuver 2020.

As the Premier Giuseppe Conte has said repeatedly, the fight against tax evasion must be a priority in this legislature. It is expected that the tax decree to combat tax fraud and evasion. Contains a series of measures with concomitant increases punishments for those who evade the tax or make tax fraud.

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