Manila Nazzaro to Italian Stories: the pain for the wedding finished and the renaissance, with Lorenzo (PHOTOS)


Published on Sep 23, 2019


In the episode of the Italian Stories broadcast on the 23rd of September 2019 Manila Nazzaro talked about the end of her marriage with the footballer Francesco Cozza and of the great suffering proven because of a relationship that was not working as she would have wanted. For a long time has chosen not to speak of his suffering, but today she tells her story because she wants to be of help to those who perhaps like you has experienced the same pain. Not only that, he wants to prove that rebirth is possible. Today, in fact, the Manila, who would never have thought to go back to love, is happy beside his companion Lorenzo, a man who knew how to abide his time, a very special man.

Starting from the interview for the magazine Spy, the beautiful former miss Italy has wanted to open his heart to the public of Italian Stories telling you a piece of its private.

“I never thought that telling the pain would have been in any way therapeutic. I thought it was not right to tell intimate details of your life... after the interview instead, I was flooded by messages of women with written ‘I like you’. Us, despite the work coated we are normal women,” he made his debut for the beautiful Manila after seeing some of the pictures of his private life.

The Nazzaro explained that he tried to recover in all the ways his wedding because we truly believed it, she wanted that everything worked:

“I lived the marriage as they have lived with my parents, I believe strongly, even after the separation. For me it was a real mourning. My ex was based on a foundation different from mine. It is not a betrayal but without entering into the details of the betrayal can be more genres and types. Was betrayed the desire to be together. I was left alone with two children, and I found it to be both mother and father and at that time I metabolized it was over”. The Nazzaro explained that she found herself often alone, she has tried to fill the emptiness, he tried to fight, but was alone and didn't make it. Is keen to clarify that her ex-husband is a wonderful father.

Today, however, Manila time page at the side of Lorenzo and hopes to regain the serenity that for a long time the lack.

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