Manifest, a new tv series of Channel 5: all there is to know


Published on Jun 27, 2019


Is going to get on Channel 5 a new tv series: the Manifest. When? The 3 July 2019 in the early evening. It is a television series in the United States of America, the wave is already on NBC. In particular, the Manifest is inspired to have such a tragic incident dating back to march 8, 2014. We are talking about a lost aircraft, Malaysia Airlines 370 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, had to be arrive at the Beijing Capital airport, China. The aircraft was never found, and were made more assumptions about the possible cause until you get to the words of the Prime Minister who stated that, with all probability, the plane had crashed in the Indian Ocean.

A series that could appeal to the public by Channel 5? Really hard to imagine what will be the rediscounting of the public given that at the moment, the new proposals made by Mediaset, as the Riviera are very successful.

Speaking of the cast, we speak now of John Dallas, he will, in fact, to interpret the protagonist of the Manifest. In the series will be called Ben Stone, an analyst as well as father. Melissa Roxburgh will be instead of Michael Stone. Athena Karkanis will be the Greek Stone, J. R. Ramirez will be Jared Williams and Luna, Blaire will play the Olives. With regard to the plot of a Manifest, as we have already mentioned, inspired have a real fact. We will see the protagonist on a flight that disappears mysteriously from the radar and will reappear after five years. The passengers of this flight, you will realize that all the years that have passed, on the contrary, their relatives and their friends. So, the same passengers will try to understand what happened during and after the flight and, as ever, for their time is not spent so quickly as for their family members.

Wednesday 3 July, will be broadcast in the early evening on Canale 5, the first episode of a Manifest. The trailer of the series has already been transmitted on the network Mediaset, but what we will see during the episode? Grows in fact, the wait for the airing of this new tv series and we can reveal that the first episode will be divided in three episodes. It is only the beginning, The Return and Turbulence. These are the titles of the three episodes.

And you will follow the new series of Channel 5? We remind you that the first episode will be aired next Wednesday.

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