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Published on Sep 29, 2017


Mattia Labadessa, class of ’93, represents an entire generation. If you consider all those young (and less young) that touch from 15 to 38 years old, born and lived between the berlusconism, the internet, the insecurity and the economic crisis Labadessa, thanks to its page on Facebook, tells of a piece of each of them.

"I like other boys, we think of life as something random, this is often not give a lot of weight". Speaking with him you get the feeling of being in front of a sort of guru-conscious, capable of ultimately come out with maximum existentialist brilliant said in a way that is completely random and unconscious. We met him in The Streets of the Landscape of Cosenza (held from 22 to 24 September), where he presented his graphic novel of the Half-Slice of Lemon, exit on 28 September and published by Shockdom. Here is the news of our meeting.

Hello Matthias, welcome on MangaForever. Compared to your first posting, or Things like that, your new job Half a Slice of Lemon will not be a collection of sketch but a real comic. What was it like working on something longer like a graphic novel?

Initially, it was traumatic. I spent three months experimenting on the style and understand it effectively as I would have to put your hand at a real comic book. Immediately after I worked on writing. I have to say though that I liked, was satisfactory.

Then you will continue to produce the graphic novel or you will return to the collections for the next publications?

I'm going to do other libraries because I want to also propose in the paper what is public on Facebook. I'm thinking of a formula of fifty percent of the original illustrations, and fifty percent of the sketch already existing on the internet.

Sooner or later you is the bird man? You're looking to explore other types of characters and situations?

I think it is too early to tear myself away from the bird man, is a character that I was not tired at all, we are very fond of, and in time we'll work even more. Therefore, for quite some time the bird man will be the protagonist of my stories.

Among other things, one of the protagonists of this new comic book in addition to the bird-man there is also a rabbit. Why is it this character? How was it born?

It comes from the fact that I have a dwarf rabbit called Wilson. I wanted someone to accompany the bird-man and that would be even more busted him, and the rabbit is a lot.

How do you see your generation? Feel to be a little representative?

I think I represent those people who do not give much value to life, which they think is something so special and it is only the result of randomness. This is also one of the reasons that I am interested in politics.

Your success through the page Facebook has been dazzling (at the moment, has a population of over 400 thousand likes). You had a bit calculated, or expected something of the kind, also considering that many other cartoonists are born, thanks to the internet?

When I created the page, I just wanted to publish my work, it all started spontaneously. The first three months of deadlock, was not immediately viral. But after the vignette, the anxious and the sleep there was the boom. Let's say that my success was a case, a bit like life.

After Half a Slice of Lemon, what do you see in your future? Is there any project of which we can already anticipate something?

I have in the project a collection of many previously unpublished, and then you advance that after Half a Slice of Lemon, there will be two other stories in the continuity, with which you will compose a trilogy.

You say you've never been a big fan of the comics, but now that you're inside it you're reading?

No, I have to say no. I have a little bit of laziness and perhaps this contributes to non-regimen approach. But I love cinema and music, even if I like to jump into things without trying to become an expert.

Well, then tell us about your artistic influences, putting us in even cinema and music.

Among my inspirations there is definitely Riccardo Guasco, an artist who based everything on the summary and on the balance of the colors, the elements that I look for in my style. In the field of music, I follow Burial, is ambient music and dubstep, and produces pieces that are minutes and minutes of trip. On the film are very diverse, I look at the trash movies which are most involved in.

Thanks a lot Matthias.

Thanks to all of you.

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