MangaForever interview Giulio & Marco Rincione: from #Like4Like at the Groucho


Published on Sep 28, 2017


I introduce myself to the stand of Shockdom, and I find Mark, already available, while Giulio is committed to doing a sketch to a volume of Ducks just purchased by a fan. We are in The Streets of the Landscape of Cosenza (held from 22 to 24 September), and the twin brothers Rincione are among the main visitors of the event. Marco and Giulio are distinguished by few traits, almost all “artificial”: a haircut a bit different compared to the other, and one of two who wears glasses.

"What is your name? So we give a name to this thing," asks Marco. I say, and we start the interview.

Hello guys, welcome to MangaForever. Let's start from Mark: #Like4like, the last work that you have written (designed by Prenzy) reminds me of the first episode of the last season of Black Mirror, too focused on the dependence from social, to such an extent as to affect the same social scale. This episode was a your reference? Or, anyway, what were your sources of inspiration for the comic?

Marco: No, Black Mirror, not influenced me, also because #Like4Like who was born first, in 2o15. There are similarities it is true, but the idea came to me from the film In Time 2011, in which the theme of the time of life returning as a currency of exchange is very important.

Because Mark writes and Giulio draws, and not the opposite? What has brought one of the two of you to do the screenwriter and the other to draw?

M: since childhood, I dreamed of writing and making comics, at the beginning I used to draw as well but after some time I found it a dull thing.

G: I brought you to draw the desire to tell stories. I started doing it 15 years at school, I liked the idea of having an audience. Let's say that the habit of drawing, I've always had, but it was always a thing functional, a way to tell a story, because I'm not one of those cartoonists who spends the whole time drawing. What I love is to tell a story through the images.

Marco Rincione has presented it to The Streets of the Landscape his #Like4like

Mark, your writing is intense and inclined to tell most of the times the dramas in africa. This is the style you're going for more, or you would also like to write stories of another kind?

M: The dramatic history is that I find it a little bit better, but I also like other genres. For example, I would like to write a bell’ horror, but still have not succeeded. In the meantime, on my blog I write short stories that vary a bit on all kinds.

Giulio, you tend to draw a lot of stories from the dramatic to the intimate, is a choice that is part of your taste? Would you like to work on other genres?

G: The dramatic is my first choice, even the same gesture to draw, I see him as a something dramatic, something that rouses me from the inside. But I also like other genres: for example, the western, or superhero.

Then you presteresti to draw superheroes?

G: yes, It's a collaboration, the one-off of Marvel or DC I would not mind, provided it be left free to express myself. Maybe just to create a short circuit I would like to draw the story of a character solar of Marvel so incupirlo a bit.

About other genres, what will be about your story of Dylan Dog is focused on Groucho (exit at Lucca Comics)?

M: we Say that our Groucho looks a bit to the characters of the Ducks, will be a Groucho rincioniano, but it is not said that it will only be sad and gloomy.

Giulio Rincione to work on a sketch

Julius, you've worked at The Heart of the City, that we MangaForever we reviewed some time ago (and which was recently awarded at the Treviso Comic Book Festival). This is a dramatic story and initimista. What can you tell us about your experience on this comic?

G: I realized that to Francesco Savino (writer / editor) was necessary to this story, and this is a key thing for me to accept a collaboration, I have to figure out that the person that is proposing a project we really believe in. So even if he were to make twenty plates per month, I agreed. We have experienced a lot during our collaboration and it was really good and interesting.

What are your artistic inspirations?

M: I Love Neil Gaiman, and many of Bonelli comics Dylan Dog and Martin Mystère. At the literary level, instead, I love James Joyce and Franz Kafka.

G: graphic I very much like the style of Dave Mckean, but in general, I try to get influence as little as possible otherwise I will get a sort of copy of the artists that I like.

Last question. Have you been influenced in any way to the artistic level from the guys in the South of Italy?

G: Not at the level of content, but in the use of the colors yes. The fact that it is usual to use saturated colors comes from my being a boy from sicily and the south. In fact, a little bit of time, I'm desaturate, and when those delivery almost always from a base of gray.

M: Well, have influenced me very much of the landscapes of Sicily, the sea, and certain physical environments that come so much in my mind when I write.



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