Mancini, the average sgradimento

Published on Feb 01, 2016

In progression, in the space of a few days, fighting with Himself, and the accusation is unsettling on tv (“he told me, faggot, and queer”); arrow public Icardi (“in fifty years, that goal I would have scored it too”); the stilettata to his friend sinisa mihajlovic (“must do less travelled”); the middle finger shown to fans in milan who taunted him after the ejection in the derby. The last left-handed is the more nervous and unpopular, which have always detested by the neapolitan and milan, can't even count on the support of a majority of the directors, in a crisis of results and confidence: the defeat against Milan, it burns greatly.

What is happening in one of the Italian technicians more appreciated abroad than in Italy it is not easy to know: Mancini has always been hyper-reactive, on and off the field has never sent to say, and very often went to the battle is sometimes physical with managers and colleagues, adversaries and Galliani, Moggi and Capello were his targets favorite), but also with journalists and even with his players (memorable comparisons to hard-nosed with Peruzzi and Rui Costa); he always had the chain slowly, I said, but never before as in these hours.

The team does not satisfy him, and you see, the game is poor and the company folded in upon itself: the british Thohir are doing progressively clean out the past morattiano and the Inter more crazy and loved in this phase is disturbed and poisoned.

To Mancini, who has unquestionable ability and talent, but suffers from an excess of perfectionism, lacking an interlocutor of personality that enjoys its trust, one with which to confront. Unfortunately, people like Paolo Mantovani and the “dr.” Boreas, the football will not ne it expresses more. And the same Later train to Milan.


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