Man-Ga, the first new anime of October 2019


Published on Sep 24, 2019


The jungle book
52 episodes, starting 1 October, from Monday to Friday from 20:00

After the death of his parents, Mowgli is reared by a pack of wolves in the forest led by Akela and other wild animals such as the black panther Bagheera and the bear Baloo.
The guy goes through different adventures, adrenaline-pumping, dangerous, but also sad and moving, seeks his real purpose in life. Among the many threats that you will encounter, the greatest danger that has to deal with is without a doubt the tiger man-eater: Shere Khan!

Yu Yu Hakusho
112 episodes, starting from the 15th of October, from Monday to Friday 20:55

Yusuke Urameshi is a young thug: at fourteen years of age, what interests him is to keep his bad reputation in and out of school and look for opportunities to punch. And yet, when he dies to save a child from the wheels of a car, the Little Emma, the king, a substitute king of hell, gives him a second chance. With the help of friends and rivals, Yusuke manages to come back to life, only to be enlisted as a detective, with a mandate to protect the human world from the incursions of the demons. Helped by the naive and chivalrous Kuwabara, his rival for a living, and the demons Kurama and Hiei, Yusuke faces a challenge after the other, until being summoned to the big Tournament, the demonic, and face the prospect of elimination... not just from the race.

30 episodes, starting from the 18th of October, from Monday to Friday at 20:25

Raised since childhood on a ranch in Canada, the young Charlotte to spend cheerfully the days in the company of his friends and his pets, pouring out on these last many loving care. Thanks to the presence of these men and, especially, of his father, André, who has grown up alone, the girl has never felt the absence of the dead mother; however, on the day of his twelfth birthday, a strange boy on a white horse delivery to Andre’ a wonderful dress for her, saying that it is nothing less than a gift to her by Simone, the mother of Charlotte.

In a first moment, the small feels so confused and disoriented to learn that Simone is still alive, who does not want to accept it, because the only person that considers important is his dad. Forced now by the events, Andrè decides to tell the truth to his daughter: he, in fact, is not other that the first-born of the Montban, a noble French family. As a young man, fell in love with Simon, and married, but their love was severely hindered by the duke Montban, father André, who drove home the woman. The man, left alone with the little Charlotte, she thought of a betrayal of his wife and departed for Canada, cutting the relations with the Montban.
So, after coming to the knowledge of the sad past of her parents, Charlotte decides to accept the mother that will arrive soon in Canada.

But not everything goes as planned, and Charlotte is in the throes of adventure and intrigue both for review, and his mother, both in order to protect his beloved ranch.

Man-Ga, the first new anime of October 2019 is




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