Man-Ga, the animated series of the end of October and beginning of November 2019


Published on Oct 14, 2019


Ken the Warrior: the Legend of Raoh the Ruler of the Sky
13 episodes from 24 October, from Monday to Friday at 19:00

Ken – The legend of Raoul, the ruler of heaven is a series dedicated to his older brother, Kenshiro, Raoh. On his way to appear many of the characters who appeared in the original series, Kenshiro as his brother, Toki, Reina and Soga, Shew, Ryuga, Sauza, and the legendary Black King, the mighty horse of which we know the origin and reason of the covenant that holds him to Raoul. It adds the figure of the mysterious Sakuya, the enigmatic and unseen character in the series.

Jeeg Steel Robot
46 episodes from 4 November from Monday to Friday at 18:35

A mysterious bronze bell.
An ancient people-led by the ruthless queen he works.
A guy who has in his chest has the greatest of powers! And with this power, Hiroshi will have to deal with this dark enemy, becoming Jeeg steel robot!

Wolf's Rain
26 episodes + 4 OVA's, from the 12th of November from Monday to Friday at 19:00

As A result of a new ice age and the ruthless hunt made by the human being, the wolves are on the brink of extinction.
To avoid the final disappearance, the surviving examples have developed the ability to assume human form to blend in among the population.
So begins the adventure of Hige, Tsume, and paradise has open, three wolves shape-shifters hidden among the humans, in search of a place where we could finally live in peace. A journey that will take with the proud Kiba, the beautiful white wolf that does not in any way hide his true nature.

HERE the news in mid-October.

Man-Ga, the animated series of the end of October and beginning of November 2019 is




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