Maleficent: Angelina Jolie vs. Michelle Pfeiffer


Published on Oct 18, 2019


Fiction or feud real?

Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer are the stars of Maleficent – Evil Lady, together with Elle Fanning. In the film the Disney exit on the 17th of October in Italian cinemas Pfeiffer wears the clothes of the queen Ingrid, and with Malefic, will have a powerful clash.

We asked their relationship to the actors in the cast, after having noted that during the red carpet of the first, Maleficent – evil Lady in Los Angeles, the two actresses are not made to photograph together and the feud will perhaps be present also in real life?

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“It was crazy to be in the middle of these two women, are so iconic, and you feel a spectator in watching them go against each other: it was the clash, more beautiful than ever. I felt like a fan sitting there watching!” says Elle Fanning, Aurora in Maleficent – evil Lady.

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“It was fun filming the scene with Angie, when I have to teach her how to smile, was very funny. The scene of the banquet was great: to see Michelle Pfeiffer and Angelina Jolie collide with so much force, it was crazy, it was like being in the front row at a boxing match. Are two actresses are incredible!” says Sam Riley, the Dark in, Maleficent – evil Lady.

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