Maleficent 2: the press conference with Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer


Published on Oct 08, 2019


A meeting of rich and passionate one in Rome with Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer, in Rome to present Maleficent: Evil Lady, the sequel to the live action of the 2014 event and pre-opening of the Alice in the City section autonomous and parallel to, the Rome Film Festival.

Elegant in their costumes of the scene, the two “queens” of the history they reflected all round. Are mothers but they are not only mothers biological – Maleficent is not for nothing, Ingrith is also the kingdom of Ulstead. “When you hear your son, your true mother, I find it ignorance,” he annotated Jolie.

Many of the positive messages contained in the sequel, by the inclusion of the aspect of environmental to the concept of family is not necessarily biological. “It is more important today than ever because the new generation is more connected than we ever been, you can travel from one continent to another much more easily than a time. And there is this growth of hatred for the other, for the “different”, but it is impossible to contain the wave of change, because we're in a wonderful world made of people, different cultures, and it is precisely when we are together that we give the best of ourselves in reality, inside of us we know that we are all equal.”

The echoes Pfeiffer: “The young generations are born into a world much more tolerant than it was ours. The part is intolerant of humanity at the same time has never been so deafening, it's always been there of course, but is coming out more and more on the surface. It's a matter of survival at the end if we choose not to accept diversity, given that the planet is basically one in which to live.”

If they had a magic wand in fact the two would make sure the world a place more tolerant. The two actresses are talented and thickness have also remembered the one scene – that of the supper, in which Jolie adored the costume – actually interpreted on the set together. “It was just as fun knowing that they were marching on each other as the movie continued. you could always get back on your legs in the next chapter...” joked Jolie to Pfeiffer, who has loved her costume for the fight, even if the most uncomfortable to wear.

Jolie also remembered as are the three women featured in the film, all the three forts, but in ways very different, but equally important are the “their” men, with which they sometimes have also the relations, and the beautiful, the equal, (like the Aurora with Philip). “At the bottom of the Aurora is the one who could have it all, now ruling over two kingdoms,” said Pfeiffer.

Interesting the statement about the strength of the Aurora on the part of Jolie: “There was an initial discussion on the fact that the character of Aurora had to become more tough, but we realized that his strength was in being sweet and generous and have a big heart. Not a Joan of Arc, holding the sword in the final fight. It is not strictly necessary to be tough in the battle to be a strong woman, there are different types of strength in a woman. The strength of the Aurora is its sweetness. No fights ever physically in this film.”

On the interpret Disney characters the two versatile actresses, now part of the Marvel universe (Pfeiffer, was Janet Van Dyne, Jolie will be in the Eternal), have said they are nourished.

“Already with the first, Maleficent Disney made a bold choice in telling the story from the point of view of the poor. When you go to see a Disney movie, you already know that you will find some elements and not others, you know that you can bring your children to see them and have beautiful messages, and this is already much more than other movies can say.”

The echoed Pfeiffer: “What I loved in the first film is that the fairy tales and movies in general are a mirror of the times, with the internet and social media the kids are so exposed compared to how we was so many content, that Maleficent explores a lot of areas of grey more than black and white, on be good and bad, in a way that is much more complex than other, already with the first film. I had never seen a fairy tale from the facets and emotions so complex.”

Jolie and instead remember what links it to Witchcraft. “I felt like she was young, thinking of not having children, never being good enough to be a mother, until I have become. It has inspired me to also accept the fact that it talks about inclusion, of any type, regardless of my work with the refugees. Makes me rage that people see diversity as a danger and not a wealth. that does not see the beauty in diversity and how much value we are giving to others especially in being different. Those who are afraid of being excluded, end up harming others. Then for Malefic, be herself and go back to being herself in the end is the most beautiful message that could give this movie according to me.”

The real revolution, in short, Disney seems to be the telling of the gray areas, and on the basis of which we can not clearly define who is good and who is bad compared to the classics, and this is also taken on children, who are told constantly to “be good”, as pointed out by Pfeiffer.

Perfect closure of Jolie at the meeting: “Ingrith at the end we discover that he simply afraid, and is a leader.” And this says it all.

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