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Published on Oct 16, 2019


We expect a sequel basically useless after the first, Maleficent, criticatissimo in general, but is appreciated by the undersigned to the skilfully played with the”Evil isn't born it's made” from the tv series Once Upon a Time.

And instead of this, Maleficent: Evil Lady has many merits, first of all to rewrite the story again, in full new storytelling beginning of the industrial revolution, the Sleeping beauty, to reverse the roles of the villain and the hero, tells of a later unknown up to now and infarcendolo continuous plot twist on who the good and the bad of the story, even more than in the first film.

Aurora (an ever ethereal, Elle Fanning) is about to marry prince Philip and unite the two kingdoms – Ulstead and the Heath – that could finally live years of peace after centuries of war, but when the two families come to know each other, the problems get more complicated, to sanction this union is as much political as emotional. To create a fracture, especially the two mothers – to be a part of Evil (a re-discovered Angelina Jolie) and the other is the queen Ingrith (the new entry Michelle Pfeiffer). The first a step-mother, not a biological mother, as it is reproached to a dinner that should be a reconciliation from the second, the mother of Philip and the mother of the whole Kingdom. The tilting of the role of the stepmother, which is often associated with the villain of the story (think of Cinderella) in the historic of classic disney. And yet, “the parent is the one who will grows and not the one who puts you in the world,” you often hear in movies and on tv lately.

There are so many themes have already been seen but always present in this Maleficent 2, not only biological motherhood, but also those of the inclusion and the appearance of the environmental. A reunion of who is seen as “different” and the nature as a tool to live a better life in this complex ecosystem and how wonderful that is of the Earth, and that at the bottom so far there has only been allowed to inhabit it. A solution for peace, perhaps utopian, but at the same time tremendously, and sadly current. A more fairy-tale – with the creatures of the Forest and with a message of hope – as shown by a disaster movie, such as Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Directed by Joachim Rønning, who replaced Robert Stromberg and arrived directly from the last Pirates of the Caribbean seems to start right there with a shot, all dedicated to the water that connects Ulstead Heathland.

Maleficent: Evil Lady not to make the mistake of Alice Through the Mirror of the birth of a blockbuster movie, but not criticism, peppering the whole of the plot is almost non-existent and a new entry without a soul, rather create new themes and a new way of thinking. A sequel that not bored, even when predictable, it entertains nicely, forges three actresses of talent in the three main roles, supported by a screenplay solid, accompanied by co-male protagonists who are never ends in themselves, and mere objects of reflection, but men functional to the plot. And they lived happily ever after... maybe, again?

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